Fusuma doors, Shoji screen doors, Tatami floors
Suppliers also of Antique  Kimono, Okobo, Getta, Furoshiki, Kokeshi dolls, Ceramics, Sake Daru, Antique Dress Swords, Scrolls and  Calligraphy

Create your own Tea Room , cosy bedroom or lounge in the tradition of Japan using a combination of FUSUMA sliding doors, TATAMI flooring and translucent SHOJI DOORS

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email to bookings@ryokan-maandini.com

Shoji Screen Doors
These fine quality hand made Shoji screen doors will add an air of distinction to any interior, Japanese or not.

Fusuma Sliding Doors
These beautifully crafted decorative and functional Fusuma Sliding doors will complete the perfect Japanese style ensemble. Useful for seperating rooms where a little more privacy is required.

Tatami Floors
Finest quality TATAMI flooring for many decorative and functional uses.
This entirely natural product, that has been the tradition in Japan for centuries, is now available in Australia.
Made from 100% natural straw these authentic Tatami mats are available in standard sizes.